Smile Ticket and Tour

Smile Ticket and Tour based in Phuket, Thailand was founded in 2012 and since that has grown into a trusted resource that has helped people better enjoy their travel.

“Smile Ticket and Tour” is a travel agency that has been granted SHA+ (Plus) Certification with the assurance that our staff have 100% been vaccinated, and continue to follow Health and Safety Protocols strictly.

In our program, you will be able to experience various activities with the local people living in the area reflecting their way of life. Which is the charm that impresses our customers. 

Our service includes


Daily Tour Excursions

Private / Family Group

Worldwide Air Ticket

Wellness and Eco-Tourism Package  … and more…

(TAT Tourism Authority of Thailand Licence No.31/00880)
(TTAA Thai Traval Agents Association Licence No.1509)
(ShaPlus+ Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration License No. E0637)